Privacy Policy

MAMMAR IT SOULTIONS hereby confirms to reveal our promise to the users privacy by creating this privacy statement.

You shall accept to provide your information like name, address, email identity, etc in accordance to providing you with a subscription.This information may be used to understand your business needs better and the chances of our improvement of products or services.

We are solely responsible not to reveal any of the user information except in the case of preventing fraudulent, misuse or loss of data,or if required legally. We promise to reach back to your queries and service requests from time to time. We appreciate your cooperation and feedback in response to our services. You shall contact us in case of any inaccuracy or inconvenience.

MAMMAR IT SOULTIONS uses certain technical safety measures to prevent data demolition or disclosure by chance. You are free to contact MAMMAR IT SOULTIONS in case of any queries related to our privacy statement.